Lubbock Area Gangs
Information, Signs, & Symbols
Listed Alphabetically - This is not an all inclusive list.

Most Wanted Lubbock
Gang Members

Gang Names Street
Signs & Symbols
Aryan Brotherhood x x       ABT , TAB , "I" "II" "XXX", HH , Swastika , Double lightning bolts , Shield with sword
Aryan Circle x x       Neo-Nazi symbols, Circle shielded by a diamond, Diamonds shielded by a swastika, "1" "3" , "I" "III", AC, Ace Tray, Silence is Golden
Bandidos     x   x Color: Red and Gold, 1% Diamond, Three Patch Cut - Bandido top rocker patch and "Fat Mexican" center patch with Texas bottom rocker, BFFB "Bandidos Forever Forever Bandidos"
Barrio Azteca x x       BA, "21", "XXI", Fletchas Indios, EPT (El Paso Texas), Chuco Town,
Bloods x x       Color: Red, red bandana, Piru, PDL, TTP, b hand sign, 5 pointed star, 5 pointed crown "3" "11" (Crip Killa), "MOB", DAMU, Pit Bull Dogs, Dog Paw, Flames
Cossacks     x     Color: Black and Gold, Three Patch Cut - Cossack top rocker patch and center patch consisting of a traditional Cossack rider holding a sword with Texas bottom rocker, CFFC "Cossacks Forever Forever Cossacks"
Crips x x     x Color: Blue, blue bandana, C hand sign, 6 pointed star, "60", NHC, Locs, Cuz, Pitchfork Up, "2" "11" (Blood Killa) "18" "3" (Rolling 60's Crip)
East Side Trece x         Color: Black, black bandana, "13" EST, VES, E hand sign or 13 hand sign
Kinfolks     x   x Color: Black and Grey, 1% Diamond, Three Patch Cut - Kinfolk top rocker patch and center patch consisting of a man viewed from behind wearing a wide brim hat with long coat holding a pistol behind his back with a United States bottom rocker and a West Fn Texas side rocker for the Lubbock Chapter and Plain Hale side rocker for the Plainview, Tx Chapter, KFFK “Kinfolk Forever, Forever Kinfolk”
Latin Kings (ALKN) x x     x Black and Gold / somethings Red, ALKN, "ALKQN" Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, LK, Pitch fork down, 5 point crown, Amor de Rey, ADR - A-Amor D-De R-Rey - King Love, 5 point crown or star, Pitch fork down, "5", Kingmaster- ALKN
Los Carnales     x     Color: Black and Yellow, Two Patch Cut - center patch consisting of a eagle riding a motorcycle with the words Los above it and Carnales below it and a Lubbock bottom rocker, CSSC “Carnales Siempre Siempre Carnales”
Los Zetas         x "Z"
Mexican Mafia x x       EME, "5" "13" "5"
North Side Locos x         Color: Red, red bandana “14”, NSL, VAB, L hand sign or 14 hand sign
Sinaloa Cartel         x Anthrax
South Side 21 x         Color: Blue, blue bandana “21” VSS, 21 hand sign
Surenos x x     x Blue of grey clothing, “Sur”, 13, X111, X3, Sur13, Unotres, Trece, 3 dots
Texas Syndicate x x       Cuerno, Horns “TS” Tejano Style, Houston Texas symbol, longhorn symbol
Villistas MC     x     Color: Red and Gold, Three Patch Cut - Villistas top rocker and a center patch consisting of two crossed pistols with a Mexican in a wide brimmed hat and a Lubbock bottom rocker, VFFV “Villistas Forever Forever Villistas”
West Texas Tango x x   x   Color: Red and Black, 806, “WT”, TTU, “23” ”20”, Weso, W hand sign, West