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This is a multijurisdictional website supported by local, state, and federal agencies that allows the public to submit anonymous gang crime tips and wanted gang fugitive tips within the counties of Bailey, Cochran, Crosby, Dickens, Floyd, Garza, Hale, Hockley, Kent. Lamb, Lubbock, Lynn, Motley, Terry, and Yoakum.

This website creates a partnership between the general public and law enforcement.  Almost all illegal supply, distribution and sale of illegal narcotics is supported by one or more criminal organizations.  While you may only be aware of an individual or a small group of individuals who participate in the sale of illegal narcotics, the illegal product is supplied and distributed by larger criminal organizations.

Background of Texas Anti-Gang Center of West Texas

Starting in 2014 Lubbock experienced an unprecedented proliferation of narcotics being trafficked into the City and County for purposes of direct distribution. Crystal methamphetamine and cocaine were the most significant, however heroin was also being recovered in historic quantities. Veteran Narcotics Investigators went from the routine seizing of minimal ounces or grams to pounds and kilograms in almost every investigation involving the primary penalty group substances. In addition, given the new “cell” based methodology (defined below) of the Cartel’s distribution scheme Law Enforcement is now recovering in almost every case a substantial quantity of top quality firearms including fully automatic weapons and ammunition. It should also be noted that Lubbock County Detention Center holds, on average, 1000-1100 inmates each day 60% of which are charged with an addictive related offense. Although most are not charged with the possession, manufacture or delivery, they are incarcerated for the burglary, robbery, theft, and fraud they committed to support their habits.

Current national policy with regard to border security has certainly contributed to the increased volumes that are entering the United States so prolifically. The controls put in place to limit the ability to purchase large amounts of ephedrine, a key ingredient for crystal methamphetamine, has triggered the creation of Cartel operated clandestine super-labs in Mexico. With limitless supplies of ephedrine from China they are mass-producing this drug with high grade purity, and shipping into the U.S. with orders to distribute without any cutting (dilution) authorized prior to direct sales. This not only dramatically increases the addictive properties, but also the significant list of health risks associated with its use.

The Cartel control of this “industry” although split into multiple factions in Mexico, have seized the distribution networks in the U.S. utilizing most of all known Security Threat Groups (STG, criminal street gangs). Law Enforcement has identified a standardized “cell” organization the Cartels use to manage and direct the distribution from community to community. That specific structure will not be detailed in this document, however listed below are some key elements that generate the highest concerns:

  • In most cases these criminal enterprises are as competently operated as they are ruthless by educated and experienced former military, governmental, and law- enforcement officials.  The leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquín “El Chape” Guzmàn Loera, was listed multiple times on the Forbes Most Powerful List.
  • There is now a fanatical religious component intermingled with the members of these organizations that exhibit a zealot level behavior.
  • Unlike historic distribution methods the Cartels now provide, with no upfront payment, large quantities of product with the expectation of payment within a strict deadline upon sale. Each “cell” has an enforcement team that will ensure collections are received and all rules are followed. These enforcers will employ kidnapping, torture, and murder to maintain compliance and loyalty. 

The Primary Goals Of This Website Is To:

Educate Lubbock Texas area residents and businesses...
about gang activity in the Lubbock area and provide a means for them to report criminal activity anonymously.

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Assist parents and guardians...
in identifying indicators and provide information about prevention services available in the Lubbock area.

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Inform young people...
on the dangers and consequences of joining a gang.

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